If I showed you my scars, would you still think I'm beautiful?  If you saw my broken pieces, would you still think I'm a work of art?  If I revealed every flaw, would you still see perfection?  If I had nothing but unmanifested dreams, would you still believe in my vision?  If I showed you my weakness, would you still think I'm strong?

The answer is YES.

Crown Me Queen is an organization committed to inspiring, challenging and encouraging women around the world to achieve their greatest potential. 

Love.  Vulnerability.  Honesty.  Courage.  Faith.  Unapologetic.  Purpose.  Hope.  Beauty.  Growth.

Introducing the #CrownMeQueen Blog

This is the space where we celebrate and inspire women by sharing our life lessons and experiences--the good, bad and ugly.  Your struggles weren't meant to be kept a secret and your victories deserve recognition.  There is a young girl or woman in the world who is in the same predicament you are or were once in.  It is important for her to know that she is not alone and she too has the ability to rise up and overcome.  The #CrownMeQueen blog unites women around the world through transparency and vulnerability.  When we come together and talk to one another, we become more powerful  than ever.

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  • Do I have to be an experienced writer to submit a post?  No, just bring your truth because that's all you need.  Miss T.N. King will work with you to help bring your story to life. 
  • I have a great story I want to share but I don't know how to make it in a blog post?  No worries!  Still submit your story with as much detail as possible.  If your story is selected, Miss T.N. King will help craft it into a compelling blog post.
  • I want to share a story, but I don't want to reveal my identity.  That's fine.  Your post can be published as anonymous so that your identity is protected.
  • I am a King, but I have a message for the Queens.  Can I still submit a post?  Absolutely!  A King's perspective is always appreciated.
  • If I submit a story, is it guaranteed to get published?  Nothing is guaranteed.  However, all story submissions will be considered and you will receive a response regardless if it will be published or not.