The Goddess Essentials is an 8-week online intensive program aimed to help women EMBODY the essence of a goddess. Learn the FUNDAMENTALS of being a goddess and ELEVATE your mind, body & soul!!!

This program is designed to help the modern woman in a holistic way. This program is for you if you are seeking to:

  • Live an all-around abundant life

  • Break out of your comfort zone and step into your power

  • Build long-term life skills that will help you elevate and sustain your well-being


Program Details

  • Sessions will be held EVERY Sunday at 7:30 pm EST for 8 weeks via Zoom Video Conferencing System

  • All sessions will be recorded live and distributed to participants immediately after the session ends. So if you are running late or can’t tune in on a specific day, no worries! You will still be able to watch and replay the session at your convenience.

Throughout the program you will:

  • Shatter limiting beliefs and emotional barriers that prevent you from becoming your highest self

  • Learn tools and techniques to manifest the life you desire

  • Unapologetically embrace your femininity and sensuality through practices of self-care and self-love rituals

  • Learn how to properly nourish your body and embrace your natural beauty

  • Help build a community of sisterhood and support


  • Session 1: “The Goddess”

    • This class will help you recognize your divine identity and abandon the self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from embodying your true essence

  • Session 2: “Sacred Intentions”

    • This class will help you gain clarity on what you truly desire, properly set intentions, and shift from a fear-based to a freedom mindset. Tear down the roadblocks that prevent you from living a purposeful life.

  • Session 3: “The Art of Manifesting”

    • This class will provide you with the tools and techniques to manifest the life you desire. Learn the creation process and how to use the universal laws to your own advantage.

  • Session 4: “Feminine Flow” with Leora Edut, Founder of Goddess On The Go

    • This class will teach you the fundamentals of feminine energy and how to lean in to the feminine power within you. Learn a sensual dance that will spice up your femininity and help you become more comfortable in your own skin.

  • Session 5: “Healthy Habits”

    • This class will help you identify the destructive habits that’s hampering your growth and teach you new daily habits and rituals that will refuel your mind and soul.

  • Session 6: "Body Love” with Holistic Nutritionist Jennifer Sterling, Founder of the Black Girl Healing Project

    • No more diet and weight loss fads! This class will teach you how to understand the emotional meanings behind your food cravings and how to nourish your body with delicious food. Learn the fundamentals of intuitive eating so you can start treating your body with love.

  • Session 7: “Beauty Insider” with Makeup Artist Shante Williams

    • This course will help you build more confidence and appreciation toward your own natural beauty. Learn the industry’s best kept beauty secrets toward radiant skin and marvelous makeup so you can have that “Goddess Glow”!

  • Session 8: “Divine Love”

    • Love is at the core of every goddess. This class will teach you how to handle difficult people and situations without compromising your goddess essence. When they go low, we go high!