What’s in Your Closet: A Self-Examination to Prepare You for a New Season

I remember one weekend I decided to clean my closet and switch out my wardrobe in preparation for the winter.  I just knew I didn't have anything and was ready to have an excuse to shop.  As I started digging through my drawers and closet, I was shocked at how much stuff I had.  I found things that still had the price tag on them.  I found cute items that I forgot about and haven't worn in years.  The things I thought I lost "magically" appeared.   Side note: Don't you love finding things when you aren't looking for them?  Now I won't lie, I came across some items that were too small, unflattering, and needed to get thrown out.  But once I removed the things that no longer fit me and re-assessed my wardrobe, I realized lacked nothing.  I already possessed everything I needed to get through this season.  

I felt compelled to share this simple story because I see so many people including myself searching for the pieces they already have.  And as a result, we waste our time, money and energy pursuing things we don't need.  We're so quick to want and buy more, yet we're even slower at wearing what we already have.  We have the audacity to pray for an increase, but we fail to fully use the things we have in front of us.  We sometimes compare our reality with someone else's illusion, and consequently start thinking what we have isn't good enough.  Don't let Rent The Runway fool you into thinking a person's closet is filled with the finer things when in reality they own nothing. 

I'm writing this post to remind you that you have everything you need to survive in this new season.   The Universe is not ignoring your requests.  You are NOT forgotten or forsaken.  The reason why God isn't giving you anything is because He's already given you everything.  Look around and look within--you are a powerful force who lacks nothing.  You don't need more money, new outfits, a handout, shoutout or suga daddy.  What you need is creativity to leverage your current situation, network and resources to your advantage.  Be bold and courageous, Queen.  Have the faith to operate in your gifts and pursue the visions planted in your mind.

"If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won't be honest with greater responsibilities" (Luke 16:10).

The key to your next dimension is hiding behind the locked door that you already have the key to.  The sad part is that many of us don't realize we already hold the key because we're too busy letting our physical resources and circumstances blind us.  It's time for us to wake up and see beyond the natural and tap into the unseen, spiritual realm of this Universe.  You, me and everyone else has a closet--and I'm not talking about the one in your home.  Your closet is a sacred space that stores every gift, power, dream, thought and vision you possess (even the negative ones).  When you take time to search within your closet, you begin to gain clarity and direction on the things you need to put on to get through your current season.

Sometimes we're so busy looking at the front of our closet that we forget to look behind the things we frequently wear.  When I made it to the back of my closet, I found my "rags" (the old clothes I no longer wear).  They may not always align with the latest fashion trends, but their significance is timeless. 

I survived a break up in that sweater.  I overcame anxiety in that dress.  I dropped 20 pounds in those gym shoes.  I got my first paycheck in that uniform. 

In the midst of life's whirlwinds, sometimes you need to look back at your track record and remind yourself who you are and whose you are.  You may be in a season where doors remain closed, prayers are still unanswered and dreams are still waiting to be manifested.  But when you use your past as a place of reference, not a place of residence, you will find that in your time of weakness, God will show you the enormity of His strength.  There's richness in your rags, Queen.  Don't be so quick to throw them out.

As I kept digging in the back of my closet, I found so many items with the price tags on them.  I felt a little guilty because here I was wanting to buy more and I still had things I didn't wear.  It made me wonder how many other people are sitting on unopened gifts, untapped power and unreached potential?  The truth is that most will go a lifetime without operating at their greatest capacity because they are unaware that they have more to give.  And once they do discover they have more, they will still leave their gifts unopened because they lack the courage to try something new.  They would rather keep wearing the same old things for the sake of comfort and familiarity.  Even if the shirt is getting too tight or the shoes no longer support the arch, most would rather stay in painful comfort than stepping into perfect purpose.  

How many of us are still holding on to people, things and ideas that no longer fit us?   

As I was cleaning my closet, it was hard for me to let go of some things because in the back of my mind I would say:  "But what if I need it in the future?  What if it will fit one day?  What if I don't find anything cuter or better?"  I had this scarcity mindset and held on to things with the idea that there's only a limited supply.  I needed to realize that God is a god of abundance and if He asks you to put something down, it's because He wants you to pick up something greater.  You can't expect to receive a blessing when there's no space in your life to store it.  Queen, in your closet you not only have what you need, but you also have the space to grow and receive more.  There are so many new things the Universe is ready to send your way.  But you won't receive them until you make use of what you have and let go of the of the things that no longer have purpose.

Today, I want to challenge you to dig in your closet.  Do you really know what you have?  More importantly, are you using what you have or are you still seeking things from the outside?  Are you holding on to things that no longer fit you?  Have you tried putting on the new items you haven't worn?

We get so caught up in looking ahead, we fail to realize that our tomorrow is shaped by our today.  This moment, this season, right now Queen, you have everything you need.  Beauty begins the moment you be yourself and embrace the things God has given you.  My wish is that you start seeing yourself the way God sees you.  Who you are and what you have is enough--never forget.