What’s in Your Closet: A Self-Examination to Prepare You for a New Season

I remember one weekend I decided to clean my closet and switch out my wardrobe in preparation for the winter.  I just knew I didn't have anything and was ready to have an excuse to shop.  As I started digging through my drawers and closet, I was shocked at how much stuff I had.  I found things that still had the price tag on them.  I found cute items that I forgot about and haven't worn in years.  The things I thought I lost "magically" appeared.   Side note: Don't you love finding things when you aren't looking for them?  Now I won't lie, I came across some items that were too small, unflattering, and needed to get thrown out.  But once I removed the things that no longer fit me and re-assessed my wardrobe, I realized lacked nothing.  I already possessed everything I needed to get through this season.    

I felt compelled to share this simple story because I see so many people including myself searching for the pieces they already have.  And as a result, we waste our time, money and energy pursuing things we don't need.  

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