Why I Left a Good Man: A Reminder to the Woman who's Tempted to Settle

I felt like the dumbest girl in the world.  The Universe presented me with a good man who pursued me endlessly (I will reference him as “Sean”).  Sean consistently courted me with respect and set marital intentions.  He was intelligent, attractive, successful and caring.  What differentiated him from some of the other guys I had been seeing was his level of commitment and certainty about me.  He told me from the beginning that he was going to marry me.  And to top it off, he would walk the walk when he talked the talk. Sean was good “on paper” and he treated me well.  Logically, it made sense to be with him.  However, deep down, I felt like something was missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

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What’s in Your Closet: A Self-Examination to Prepare You for a New Season

I remember one weekend I decided to clean my closet and switch out my wardrobe in preparation for the winter.  I just knew I didn't have anything and was ready to have an excuse to shop.  As I started digging through my drawers and closet, I was shocked at how much stuff I had.  I found things that still had the price tag on them.  I found cute items that I forgot about and haven't worn in years.  The things I thought I lost "magically" appeared.   Side note: Don't you love finding things when you aren't looking for them?  Now I won't lie, I came across some items that were too small, unflattering, and needed to get thrown out.  But once I removed the things that no longer fit me and re-assessed my wardrobe, I realized lacked nothing.  I already possessed everything I needed to get through this season.    

I felt compelled to share this simple story because I see so many people including myself searching for the pieces they already have.  And as a result, we waste our time, money and energy pursuing things we don't need.  

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